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Chistochina, Alaska, United States

"The river was iced over for less then 6 weeks! As opposed to 5 months of ice 2 to 3 feet thick before climate change."

Open water at Chistochina River
Wilson Justin
Historical and Future Predictions for Temperatures -Gulkana
SNAP Average Temperature Charts

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We know the Arctic is warming—what will changing river flows do to its environment?

Scientists at the University of Massachusetts Amherst recently combined satellite data, field observations, and sophisticated numerical modeling to paint a picture of how 22.45 million square kilometers of the Arctic will change over the next 80 years.

Permafrost Thaw in Alaska

/ 26 May 2021 / Mya Watts

Evidence suggests that permafrost temperatures in Alaska have risen by 2°C in the last 30 years affecting local communities