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Teller, Alaska, United States

December should have sea ice development in Norton Sound. But no sign of ice yet this year. Several storms have moved northward across the western Bering Sea and brought strong winds and bouts of above freezing weather to the Teller area and all of the Bering Strait region.

The view from Teller
Kendra Lee
Sea Ice Extent Map
Source: NSIDC: nsidc.org
Average daily high temperature / Nov 1 - Dec 4 / nearby Nome Airport / current year shown in green
Sea Ice Shift Map
Takata-Glushkoff, K.P., Mahoney A.R., BurnSilver S., York, A., Monakhova, M. “Characterizing the St. Lawrence Island Sea Ice Environment Through Community Interviews and Remote Sensing Analysis,” Abstract OS42C-1205 presented at 2022 AGU Fall Meeting, 12-16 Dec. Courtesy Andy Mahoney

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