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Dear LEO Network Members and Participants,

Thank you all for joining us during the June LEO Network Webinar. All presentation materials are available for download at the bottom of this page. 


1:45pm - Conference Line Opens

2:00pm - Welcome, Agenda Review

2:05pm - LEO Observation Review and Discussion

2:35pm - Presentation

Rapid Change: The Story of 2019 in Northwest Alaskan Seas and Ecosystem Impacts 

Presenter: Gay Sheffield, Bering Strait Agent for Alaska Sea Grant 

Description: The loss of sea ice is transitioning the marine ecosystem. This presentation will summarize the domino-effect of those changes, and describe opportunities for local residents and scientists to share their knowledge about marine ecosystem changes. 


Thank you LEO Network members for joining us in the June webinar.


The LEO Team at ANTHC

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